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Italian Cycling Experience

Including Flights, Hotels, Airport Transfers,
Cycling and food experience

from £565 pp

Period of Travel 11 April – 26 Sept 2020

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ITALIAN CYCLING EXPERIENCE - Your Cycling Journey Through Romagna

The right mix to enjoy a bicycle holiday vacation... a common passion

Whether you're an eager cyclist or a weekend biker, we offer tours on every type of terrain, for all ages and experiences.

From groups, couple or single cyclists, you can fully engage with your surroundings and really immerse yourself in a destination.

Our cycling tours in Romagna offer a great contrast, whether you’d like to explore the Riviera’s food, artistic view or you want to get your family more active, we have the perfect cycling holiday to suit the more discerning traveller.

A thousand times with a smile, between the sea and great wonders

Romagna offers lots of ways to have fun and enjoy a holiday packed with great experiences.

Like a kaleidoscope that leaves you breathless with its constantly changing colours, the Riviera of Romagna is varied and multi-faceted. Here, your seaside holiday will become a unique opportunity to find out more about a land packed with surprises.

Rimini and Riccione with their golden sands and characteristic nightspots are two authentic summer havens. Rimini is a small historical and artistic jewel and only 15 km away and each to reach by car, on public transport or by train you can visit a great place for shopping and nightlife, Riccione.


11/04-18/04 £625 £1,080
18/04-25/04 £580 £1,035
25/04-02/05 £565 £1,015
02/05 - 09/05 £650 £1,030
09/05 - 16/05 £600 £1,080
16/05 - 23/05 £590 £1,070
23/05 - 30/05 £785 £1,260
30/05 - 6/06 £630 £1,100
6/06 - 13/06 £630 £1,100
13/06 - 20/06 £630 £1,100
20/06 - 27/06 £695 £1,190
29/8 - 5/09 £670 £1,170
5/9 - 12/09 £645 £1,095
12/9 - 19/09 £685 £1,135
19/9 - 26/09 £625 £1,075

What's Included:


Ideal for the most demanding cyclists who leave nothing to chance and who like a really comprehensive holiday.

  • Flights from London to Rimini and return
  • Transfer from/to Rimini and airport and from/to the railway station
  • Relaxation area with sauna and whirlpool (External area, 100 Meters from the Hotel)
  • 7 nights hotel accommodation with Daily Breakfast
  • Bike storage with video surveillance and washing area
  • Workshop for small repairs and assistant
  • Laundry service for sportswear
  • Fruit + water to take away for the tours
  • Rich buffet for cyclists once back from training
  • Water and coffee during meals
  • Guided bike tours, runs and swim sessions
  • Water and wine during meals
  • 1 massage 30 min long, for stay of at least 5 days

At the Hotel, you’ll also find

  • Food experience tour, for stay of at least 5 days
  • Daily laundry service for technical clothing
  • Welcome drink
  • Conventional pool with reserved lanes
  • Relaxation area with sauna and whirlpool
  • Agreements with specialized shops with super-discounted rates
  • Parking

What's Not Included:

  • Expenses of a personal nature.
  • Extend your stay
  • City Tax (2 euros per night per person to be paid at the hotel on the day of departure)

The Itinerary

The Cycling Oxygen Hotel is specialized to host any type of cyclist, and is pleased to offer our guests a tailor-made tour that suits their individual fitness (preparation) level. For those riding a racing bike for the first time, to those who already have fun on long tours, or even those who choose a training camp even on vacation.

Please find below some routes available



Distance: 46 Km

Verucchio, is an ancient town commanding the Marecchia valley, it is strategically positioned between the sea and the hills. The Malatesta dynasty was born here, with founder "Mastin Vecchio" Malatesta da Verucchio, and the town was also an important centre of Villanovan civilization in the Iron Age. The town nestles across two hilltops, once crowned by powerful castles, the Passarello, now a convent, and the Sasso, one of the best-preserved Malatesta fortresses, were built to dominate the village, the valley and the plain. On a clear, sunny day, the view is simply breathtaking, from the Valmarecchia to the Adriatic coast. Verucchio goes back about three millennia to the Villanovan and then Etruscan civilisations, before it eventually became the home of the Malatesta family. Verucchio saw the sunset of the Etruscan society, which came under the spell of Roman goddesses and basked in the Renaissance splendour of the Malatesta dynasty. The name derives from the Latin verruculus, meaning a small hill with commanding views of the surrounding countryside.



Distance: 48 Km

Savignano is famous for the centuries-old controversy, still in progress regarding its identification with the Rubicon river. In this area in the year 49BC, Julius Caesar crossed the river citing the legendary sentence "Alea jacta est" ("The die is cast"). The area was inhabited since the Roman period, however the first historical reports date back to 1150. A flourishing centre of cultural activities, as evidenced by the name "Athens of Romagna", Savignano boasts a large group of scholars, writers and archaeologists and it still houses the Academy of Filopatridi, one of the oldest and most prestigious academies of studies of Romagna.

It was January 49 BC, Caesar was staying in the northern Italian city of Ravenna and he had a decision to make. Either he acquiesced to the Senate’s command or he moved southward to confront Pompey and plunge the Roman Republic into a bloody civil war. An ancient Roman law forbade any general from crossing the Rubicon River and entering Italy proper with a standing army.

To do so was treason. This tiny stream would reveal Caesar’s intentions and mark the point of no return.



Distance: 38 Km

Santarcangelo di Romagna is definitely one of our favorite towns in the Rimini area, located on a gentle hill called Colle Giove, it is peaceful and lively at the same time, and could be the perfect destination for all travellers.

Santancargelo boasts picturesque tiny streets and lovely scenic spots, numerous bars and restaurants, mysterious ancient caves, and beautiful architectural structures, symbols of Emilia Romagna tradition – like the oldest still well-functioning mangle in the world, charming shops where you can indulge in local specialties.

The history of Santarcangelo, dates back to Roman times and coincides with the foundation of Ariminum (Rimini) around 268 B.C. The tufa caves that cross Mount Giove were probably used by Ancient Romans as wine and food cellars or maybe as places of worship. Their origin remains uncertain, but there is evidences that tell us that during WWII these caves were used as a refuge against the bombings. The famous consular road of Via Emilia, runs through the town, this provided the growth of Santarcangelo as an important trade centre, when it reached the height of its popularity during the Middle Ages, thanks to the Malatesta family. The Maltesta Fortress dominates the town, emphasizing its medieval skyline, and another landmark that defines the profile of Santarcargelo is the Campanone Tower, the ancient bell tower.

Piccolo Stelvio


Distance: 94 Km

Climbs: Piccolo Stelvio

The Route:

The route today takes in 3 of the locals most favourite climbs, Cioca ( Piccolo Stelvio ), Passo Grillo and to Verucchio. Each of distinct differences and length, Piccolo Stelvio is named due to it’s 18 hairpin bends in 2.4km, it’s max % is 9 with an average of close to 7%, gets easier as you climb. Then Passo Grillo which is the longest at 4.5km, but at only around 4 to 5% average. Then the last up to the village of Verucchio at 2.5km in length and a gentle average. Some great views to be had and the climbs perfect for training.

The Feel:

The overall ride is as hard or easy as you want to make it. The climbs are short and apart from Cioca at the steepest gradient all 3 are perfect for any type of training or riding. With enough recovery in between each climb for that all important rest to get ready for the next.



Distance: 117 km

Climbs: Soanne 12km


The route today heads out along the aptly named Fondo Valley which brings us to the climb of Cioca, 2.4km in length. Then we have a roller coaster of 4.5km down, 4.5km up and 4.5km down again where we arrive in the Marecchia Valley. To the direction of Pennabilli we ride till the turning for the road that leads from Maciano to Soanne, which marks the beginning of our 12km climb. In an oasis of serenity immersed in the greenery of oaks, ash trees, hornbeam and willows is located the lake of Andreuccio which we pass on the way to Villagrande. From here it’s a downhill ride all the way back to the Hotel, well almost, passing stunning scenery of San Marino, San Leo and of the Adriatic.

The Feel:

There are 2 small warm up climbs to get the legs ready for the big climb of the day, from Maciano to Villagrande, but from there it’s a breeze as the majority of the ride home is a flowing descent. Overall the feel for the day is in 2 parts, climbing the first and descending the second, like riding into a head wind and returning with a tail wind, the perfect riding conditions.

Cippo di Monte Carpegna


Distance: 130 Km

Climbs: 3: Cippo di Carpegna, Villagrande via San Leo 18km and Passo Grillo 4.5km

Cippo: Vital statistics:

Start: Carpegna

Length: 6.5km

Summit: 1,415m

Elevation gain: 667m

Average gradient: 11.25%

Max gradient: 14%

Cippo di Carpegna,

The Route:

Monte Carpegna is a mountain but it’s shape resembles a long ridge and there are several routes to the top, but there is only one special road reserved for cyclists.

And it starts in the town of Carpegna, The Via Cippo and heads north, straight to the mountain.

Look for the tourist signs signalling "Cippo". This is our longest ride in the Strada category and most enjoyable as well as being a real test for any cyclist.

Those worshipping Eddy Merckx or Pantani, this is a must do ride!

The Feel:

The start isn’t discreet, as you turn right off the main road, The Via Cippo heads north and up, you get the indication of what lies ahead straight away, no gentle hi how are you. Then comes a large Pantani sign signalling this climb’s celebrity status, quickly followed by a warning of 15% gradients and the start of the 22 numbered hairpins. The road enters woodland and normally you’d be suffering alone but the road becomes a tribute to Eddy Merckx and Pantani.

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