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Welcome to Qatar

You will discover a land of beautiful contrasts, a dynamic and exciting cultural experience, yet with a sense of timeless serenity and tradition. Qatar brings together old-world hospitality with cosmopolitan sophistication, the chance to enjoy a rich cultural tapestry, new experiences and adventures. Absorb the unique ambience and explore the possibilities of unexpected Qatar. You're sure to be captivated.

We will be offering the following tours, during your stay in Qatar, contact our Sports Travel Consultants 0208 705 0150 to make a booking, please note some tours require a minimum number of passengers to run.

Dhow Cruise with corniche walk - 2 hrs.

The dhow is a traditional wooden sailing boat, used by merchants. But now, it includes latest amenities for tourists to make their journey more comfortable. Sunset time in Doha means time to cruise the teal waters of the Arabic Gulf in a "dhow", a traditional Qatari sailing boat, used in the past by merchants and fishermen. This time of the day in particular, is perfect to enjoy the view of the city skyline from the sea. The sunset colors reflect on Doha's modern buildings and a fresh breeze will cool you down from the desert heat.

Tour Schedule - Afternoon Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Sat.

Heritage Market Tour - Souq Waqif Tour - 2 hours.

Souq Waqif means "standing market". Falcon Souq, Spice Souq, Pet Souq, Gold Souq, Handicraft Souq and art gallery are the highlights. Bedouins and locals would gather on either side of the river to trade goods — from cumin to wood. It's also worth seeking out the small gold souq and the falcon souq, where you can handle these prized birds. Falcon still plays an important role in Qatari life, used for hunting both in Qatar and abroad. If you walk a little further into the labyrinth, you'll see families shopping for their everyday needs. Souq will give you an opportunity to check your bargaining skill. You can find good collection of Qatari traditional wear and handicrafts.

Tour Schedule - Afternoon Sun, Mon, Tue, & Wed.

Katara Cultural Village - 2 hours

Katara build to epitomize the Qatari traditional architecture. Katara's design makes it a proper environment for cultural, creative intellectual and artistic activities through carnivals, social events, symposiums, exhibitions, concerts and all kinds of artistic expressions. The entire Katara complex is built in a fusion of oriental architectural and retro-romantic style, pretty differently from most of Doha's charming new cultural buildings, elsewhere in the city. Overlooking the radiant blue sea, The Katara Amphitheatre is an architectural beauty and created as a fusion of the perpetual Islamic features and classical Greek theatre concept. The Opera House offers a lavish cultural experience with a blend of Oriental and late Victorian architectural styles, resultant from European 19th century models and conventional Islamic design. Katara Plaza Mall - an open air shopping mall at the cultural district of Qatar.

Tour Schedule - Afternoon Sun, Mon, Tue, & Wed.

MIA Tour - Museum of Islamic Art - 2 hours

The cubistic pyramid form of the Museum of Islamic Art, which rises out of the creamy turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. Visitors can admire the puritanical Islamic absolute monarchy cherishing tradition, while embracing modernity to become a Middle East Goliath. The museum's collection includes manuscripts, metalwork, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, textiles, coins, fabric, and glass collected since the late 1980s. MIA has an exceptional collection of rare gold and silver coins, which gives a captivating insight into the lives of Muslim peoples from the 7th century. MIA has some of the highest-quality of glasswork from enameled glass, in its multicolored grandeur, to gleam and even simpler cut and molded pieces ever produced in the Islamic world. The collection has over 800 manuscripts from Qur'ans from the 7th century to Ottoman works of the 19th century. Also, the metalwork collection in MIA represents the finest pieces of metal work of the Islamic world from the 7th century to modern times.

Tour Schedule - Afternoon Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu & Sat.

Helicopter Tours - 1 hour.

Have a 30-minute adrenaline-filled experience of touring Doha by a helicopter! This breathtaking tour provides awe inspiring views of the city's most iconic landmarks. This unforgettable tour will let you experience an in-depth view of the city, which is impossible to see from any other vantage point. Official IDs - Valid passport or Qatar ID is mandatory for this tour.

Tour Schedule - Afternoon Fri & Sat.

Bird Watching Tour - 4 hours

Dedicated birdwatchers have identified well over 250 species, with as many as 25 of them now yearround residents! Mangrove plantations on the coast north of Al Khor are popular haunts of local ornithologists. Gulls, cormorants and waders can be spotted along the shorelines; ducks, geese, mallard, stilt and teal can be found around effluent ponds and in the reeds. Many species can also be seen in the vicinity of Al Rumeilah Park, Doha Golf Club etc. Despite this harsh, salty, hot and arid environment, Qatar can provide excellent birding from August through to May. Geographically, the peninsula of Qatar juts some 150 km northwards into the Arabian Gulf. The right wind conditions in spring, autumn and even winter can bring thousands of migrants flooding into the country.

Tour Schedule - Morning Sat, Mon & Wed.

Cultural Tour - 4 hours.

Fanar - light house is the cultural guest center, where visitors can get an authentic feel of Qatari traditions, Islam religion, culture and Heritage. You will enjoy walking to Museum of Islamic Art and the traditional Souq Waqif - the heritage market of Qatar. Souq Waqif consists of Spice market, Falcon Market, Gold Market, Handicraft Market, Pet Market, Art Gallery etc. which show case everything, what you want for your home with a lot of Arabic traditional and western cafes and restaurants. The entire Katara complex is built in a fusion of oriental architectural and retro-romantic style, pretty differently from most of Doha's charming new cultural buildings, elsewhere in the city. Abdul Wahhab Mosque, More commonly known as the State Grand Mosque, this is the largest mosque in Qatar with 90 domes, 18 entrances and capacity for 30,000 people.

Tour Schedule - Morning Mon & Wed. Afternoon Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu & Sat

Delight of Doha - City tour - 4 hours.

The Pearl, most glamorous addresses in Qatar are located on these man-made islands, almost four million square meters of residential and commercial space. It is also home to over 30 of the world's most renowned restaurants and cafés. Al Corniche, a long promenade stretching over four miles along the half-moon bay of Doha. The pavement begins in the north at the Sheraton Park and extends to the construction of the new National Museum in the south. In between, you'll find restaurants, outdoor exercise equipment, the Museum of Islamic Art, the MIA Park. Katara Village, site of many cultural activities including art exhibitions, films, operas, orchestras and festivals. Built to replicate a traditional Qatari village with a few twists thrown. Be sure to visit the Roman amphitheater and test the amplifying acoustics by standing in the middle of the stage and speaking in a normal voice. Grand Mosque Great mixture of modern and old culture.

Tour Schedule - Morning Sun & Thu. Afternoon Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu & Sat

Dune Discovery Tour - Desert Safari - 4 hours

Jump into a luxury 4-wheel-drive SUV and enjoy a thrilling ride over the sandy dunes of south Qatar. Drive through the high sand dunes of the desert just outside the city of Doha at the Inland Sea. An authentic experience of a rollercoaster ride on southern Qatari desert. We touch sandy beach desert around 45 kilometers south of Doha. Around 40 kilometers of trekking by 4X4 car in to the inland sea is very exciting drive. This tour is specially designed to acquaint visitors with the desert by taking them up and down over the sand dunes.

Tour Schedule - Morning every day. Afternoon every day

Festival City Tour - 4 hours

Strategically located in the north of Doha with direct access from Al Shamal and Losail roads, Doha Festival City is a highly accessible destination. Over 100 restaurants are set to satisfy every culinary taste, and the world's largest Monoprix Hypermarket will ensure your home is stocked with all you need. Family fun can be found across the mall, from VOX Cinemas to awe-inspiring theme parks, from Angry Birds World to Snow Dunes, Juniverse, and Virtuosity, and IKEA will keep your home furnished with modern Swedish design.

Tour Schedule - Morning Sun, & Wed, Afternoon, Sun, Tue, Thu & Sat.

Museum Tour - 4 hours.

Museum tour will give you an idea about early life of Qatari, culture & civilization. Pearl hunting and fishing were their main profession before they find natural oil (black gold) in 1930s. You can witness the development of modern Doha and future of Doha by visiting Msheireb museum. You can view various old equipment's for pearl hunting, oil refining, electrical etc. Also, digital illustrations of modern Doha will amaze you. Museum of Islamic arts is full of artifacts from 7th to 19th century, which were used in various countries such as China, India, Spain, Syria & etc. Msheireb enrichment center at Corniche will give you an idea of old Msheireb and Doha. The MATHAF also has a permanent collection of artworks from the early 1840s to the present day, and further promotes the understanding of Arab art through talks, lectures and learning programs. Situated in a former school in Doha's Education City, the MATHAF is the perfect place to get to grips with the most recent developments in the world of Arab art.

Tour Schedule - Morning Sun, Mon, & Wed, Afternoon, Thu & Sat.

Fishing Trip - 2 hours

Fishing and pearl hunting used to be traditional profession of Qataris. We take you to a spot in the sea to check your skill, luck and patience in fishing among your companions. It also gives an immense opportunity for sun bath and swimming as well.

On Request.

Shahania Camel Race Track Tour - 4 hours

Camel racing, traditionally known as the sport of the sheiks continues even today in the small hamlet of Al Shahaniya, where Qatar's popular camel racetrack is situated. Visitors are charmed with an exceptional prospect to view the fiercely competitive and one of the most expensive sporting events in Qatar. Al-Shahaniya racing track, an hour's drive into the gleaming desert outside west - north of downtown Doha. It holds domestic and international tournaments of Camels. You can also want a lot of camel farm and residences for this care takers in and around Shahania. Then continue to The Sheikh Faisal Private Museum, which is showcasing thousands of artifacts like vintage cars, paintings, international art etc. Our final stop at Equestrian Club - The royal stable. Here you can watch luxury living of horses and their trainings.

Tour Schedule - Morning Sun, Mon, Wed & Thu.

Dhukhan West Coast Tour - 4 hours.

Located nearby to Dukhan on the west coast of Qatar, Zekreet is an exciting beach destination and is a popular spot for weekend campers as well as water sport enthusiasts. The film city is a contemporary recreation of an antique Arabic village nestled behind a canyon in the desert of the Zekreet peninsula. The Film City is located in one of Qatar's truly fantastic site that is entirely deserted. The visitors really feel as they may have stepped into one of the ghost towns in the American west; with anomalous palm trees, rather than tumbleweeds afford a visual treat in the never-ending arid landscape. Richard Serra's new sculpture - 'East West/West East'. You might occasionally spot Oryx during this tour. The west coast of Qatar is rich in oil, whereas the North West is known for its natural gas. You will also be able to see some of the oldest oil wells in Qatar.

Tour Schedule - Morning Mon & Wed. Afternoon Sun, Tue, Thu & Sat.

South Coast Tour with camel ride - 4 hours

You will enjoy the nice view of Al Wakkrah fort - the heritage fort on the way to south of Qatar, which is contrast with sand dunes to the rest of Qatar. You can have a ride on a camel on the sandy beach and you can enjoy waking on sand dunes. You can have a closer look at the cash machines - the oil refineries of Qatar before arriving to Wakkrah port - the natural fishing harbor. You can have spirit of bargaining shopping at Wakkrah Souq - the heritage market.

Tour Schedule - Morning Mon, & Wed, Afternoon, Sun

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